What risk will you take to change your life or the lives of others?

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I came across The Leapyear Project the other day and was really impressed by it. It’s not just a blog talking about taking risks and changing lives, but a project that actually encourages people to take action.

Because that’s what it comes down to: ACTION.

I don’t care what you have been meaning to do, I care about what you have done. Because what you have done makes you, you. Our thoughts and plans don’t make our lives amazing. An idea is awesome, but really, it’s worth shit all – nothing. It’s how we use them and what we do with them that matters. It’s the experiences that matter, what you get out of them and learn from them.

The Leapyear Project is simple.
Choose a leap. Take a risk. Change your life, a community or the world for the better in 2012. Talk about it – in words, images, in any way you like. Spread the word.

I say, BRAVO.

“Everyone has had ideas, dreams, and thoughts about creating change in their lives or around the world (yep…even you). Though it seems like there is too much going wrong and too little time, 2012 is a Leap Year and we are inviting you to take a risk to change your life, your community or your world for the better.” 


What is My Leapyear?

These are the questions the project wants you to ask yourself. So I did.

  • What risk will you take to change your life, or the lives of others?
  • What risk will you take to impact the world for the better or improve the community you live in? 
  • What’s my leap and why is it meaningful to me?

I promised myself to never take up conventional employment again. So I quit. In January of this year. It was my first grown-up job in a long chain of mostly unmeaningful ones, and I beat my own personal record of eight months. (Applause please)

At the moment, I’m starting life as a freedom solopreneur building myself a freedom business

The next part is where the meaning-to-do part comes in. For this purpose I see it as a way to make myself accountable.

The real goal is to make my passions my entire life. Diving, writing, being creative and doing good.

I’m already a scuba dive instructor, but haven’t been teaching for one year. So for one, I need to get back into teaching, which is why I’m leaving on a one-way ticket in April to go back to my beloved Gili Trawangan in Indonesia (off Lombok, next to Bali).

My other driving force is creativity. I want to make a living off my blog, freelance writing and making beautiful things, such as photographs and films or at best, a good blend of all of them.

I want to stop producing things for other people and start creating for me and make other people happy with it.

In the process I plan to also stop focusing on me and other fortunate people and start helping out on a greater scale. For other people and for our environment.

I would like to help NGOs with their social media, PR and online efforts (build a website, blog, write content etc.). I would also like to colaborate with my partner in helping them with image films and beautiful photography to help promote them. For free.

Then, I would like to raise money to start my own little project, such as building a school, provide access to clean water or help conserve our oceans and the fish.

So all in all, I’m taking two risks:

And I’m ok with that.

I’m not into blabla and verbal BS-ing. The future is already written, I just need to go out and make it real.

You can call me crazy or unrealistic or whatever you want. It’s what I’m doing and no one can stop me.

I’m a leaper. What’s your leap?

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One Response to What risk will you take to change your life or the lives of others?

  1. Janet says:

    wow, that’s a brave leap!!

    I came across LYP a few months ago and actually registered a leap with them. I wrote that I’m going to start a paid email newsletter to help fund 50% of proceeds to my local poor community and create my own social outreach projects. Yeah. That’s a big leap and I haven’t started yet… But it’s seriously in the works! Good luck with all you’re doing and keep it up!