10 Ways to Be Remarkable (and Possibly Change the World)

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Don’t think you can be one hell of a human being and do something remarkable? Need some inspiration of how to impact people around you? Here is an amazing list of individuals and their stories about how they make a difference. Right now. Today.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
-Albert Einstein

Not these 10 guys, Albert.

Unconventional People – Part II:  10 Ways to Be Remarkable


1. Brian Gerald Murphy

Brian is a filmmaker, media consultant, and social activist and helps visionary individuals and NGOs leverage the web and the media to change the world. He writes articles on lessons in movement making on this blog and publishes a weekly email newsletter for activists, non-profits, and world changers. We need so many more Brian Geralds. Thanks, man.

Website: Lessons in Movement Making / Twitter: Begeem

Inspirational: How I Know You Can Change the World


2. Kristin Glenn & Shannon Whitehead

The two girls wanted to have it all. Freedom. Passion. Purpose. So they started a clothing line to change the paradigm of fashion and consumption. They believe one idea can make the world better for everyone. And with this, All of Us Revolution was born. On their blog, they share their journey in starting a socially-sustainable business, and to encourage others to join in and live the lifethey’ve always wanted. Kristin and Shannon blog about entrepreneurship, inspiration, and elements of their own business venture: fair trade, fashion, and travel. I say, hell yeah, so well done, ladies!

Website: Revolution ApparelAll of Us Revolution / Twitter: AllOfUsRev

Inspirational: Visit their first big project over at Kickstarter & Check out how they started out

3. Catharina Bruns

Catharina works on the paradigm shift in the definition of work. workisnotajob. is a concept and design studio dedicated to the belief that “work” is your love made visible  Catharina started small with an anonymous blog at first. But she had a dream to create her own thing and build a lifestyle business around a philosophy she really believed in. So she quit and followed her dream! Her designs make you feel all warm and happy, I swear.

Website: workisnotajob / Twitter: CathiBruns

Inspirational: Anything on her blog, where she showcases her brilliant artwork full of inspiration (DO CHECK OUT!)


4. Amy & Neal Carter-James

Amy and Neal Carter-James have been internationally recognised as a leading social entrepreneur. They founded the Nema Foundation through which they set up Their Guludo Beach Lodge in Mozambique with a sustainable and social philosophy that kicks ass. Their idea was to create an innovative and sustainable model to relieve poverty and protect the environment. Highly inspiriational. I hope one day I’ll make it there, it looks breathtaking!

Website: Guludo Lodge & Nema Foundation / Facebook: Guludo Beach Lodge

Inspirational: What it’s all about


5. Blake Mycoskie

Want to start something that matters? Check out Blake Mycoskie who founded Tom’s shoes. Besides being a fascinating social entrepreneur, he has an unconventional home on a sailing boat.

Website: Tom’s Shoes & Start Something That Matters / Twitter: BlakeMycoskie

Inspirational: One for One


6. Sean Carasso

After starting a number of small companies and grassroots initiatives, he traveled the world with an entrepreneur turned philanthropist, while volunteering alongside Invisible Children and TOMS Shoes. In 2010, he started a creative NGO that aims to rehabilitate war-affected children in Congo by selling unique whistles – of which 100% go into the good cause. (They are pretty cool fashion items now) Must. Check. Out. Become a whistle blower.

Website: Falling Whistles / Twitter: SeanCarasso 

Inspirational: (No Subject) Presents: Hello My Name is ___


7. Dave & Michael Radparvar & Fabian Pfortmueller

We should all know the boys from Holstee by now. No?! Ok. Holstee began as a dream Mike, Dave and Fabian had to create a lifestyle for themselves – a lifestyle which reflects their manifesto. Holstee designs and curates with a conscience and with the hopes that each product and its inherent story inspires others to follow their dream. A closely knit community of fans has been growing around Holstee products, curated items, the music they listen to, and experiences they share.

Website: Holstee / Twitter: DaveRadparvar . MichaelRad . Pforti

Inspirational: Video Interview with the Founders


8. Julian Wilson

Julian escaped financial communications to set up a yak wool social enterprise. Yes, you heard right, yak wool. The idea came to him when he was travelling in the west of China looking for ways to generate extra income for Tibetan nomads living out there. He was tired of working in an overly corporate environment and wanted the opportunity to build something of his own that not only made money, but could benefit people who really needed some economic opportunity.

Website: Khunu / Twitter: Khunu

Inspirational: Awesome video diaries by the founders


9. Ben Keene

Ben is an amazing social entrepreneur, speaker, writer and nomad. He’s the co-founder of TribeWanted, two exciting sustainable communities on a Fijian island and in Sierra Leone. The aim of Tribewanted is that the evolving island community becomes a model for cross-cultural sustainable living that positively impacts and inspires both locally and globally online to improving the way we live. The project harnesses the power of the internet to create a local “global” community. He didn’t do much practical planning, he just had to get the mindset right: “I’m going to chase this dream. it’s going to be bloody hard and will require lots of compromises, but I am up for it. Let’s go.” Yeah.

Website: Tribe Wanted & Ben’s Blog / Twitter: BenKeene

Inspirational: Interview with Ben


10. You

You are remarkable. You’ve got this crazy, unconventional idea and your friends and family poop all over it when you talk about it.  So you think: “Great, that’s a good sign. It means: I can go and execute.” So you do and you kick ass. And you are making this world a bit better because you are here. Thanks for that.

Website: Remarkable Inc. / Twitter: TheWorldChanger

Inspirational: My YeahYeahYeah Life


Need a quote to get you going?

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.”  ~Voltaire

Don’t think you can do something extraordinary? Think again.


Over to you:

Do you have a great idea, but too scared to go for it? Why?

Do you know other remarkable people who are making a difference on this planet?

Please share you thoughts. Your worries. All of that. DO IT. NOW.
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  1. Tom Pinit says:

    Love it Conni, keep the inspiration coming! It’s a deep, deep well. Oh, and thanks for plugging #10, that really means a lot ;-)