[This post is part 8 of RESOUND 2011]

What or whom did you let go of this year? Why?

1. Things. After getting back home to Germany after a couple years on the road, I discovered a lot of stored stuff in the basement of my mum. It's gone. I didn't need it for a long time, in fact, I forgot about it. I lived out of a backpack for two years and never missed a thing. Now I live with my partner in a lovely apartment, but I don't own much more than I did when travelling (except for some winter clothes and a few books). All in all I officially own 176 things. Yes, I took inventory. (Highly recommended) Even 176 things feels too much. So I keep on letting go of things and it feels great. It makes me happy and feel liberated. I can't wait to live entirely out of a backpack again soon. Possibly for the rest of my life.

2. I temporarily let go off mobility and ultimate freedom. (I'm starting to reclaim them end of January 2012 and should be in full control again in April/May 2012)


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