There is No Life B: 100 Ways to Live Before You Die

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You’ve got one chance at this, at life. 

Might as well live it properly.

Try any of the following, experiment. They’ve worked really well for me and continue to do so.

I hope you find inspiration and some answers.

  1. Go on micro-adventures.
  2. Throw away your TV. Start choosing consciously what news and media you consume.
  3. Volunteer in India. Or Laos. Or Mozambique. Or Honduras. Or Indonesia.
  4. Travel far. Overland.
  5. Do an experiment for 30 days. Like reading a book every day. Or meditating every day. Or no alcohol for a month.
  6. Quit something that is bad for you, like drinking alcohol or smoking or eating McDonalds.
  7. Stop complaining. Change something.
  8. Nourish your soul. Do Yoga. Meditate.
  9. Meet new people. Even just for a day or a few hours. (eg, go to a Couchsurfing meet-up in your city – and check out my Couchsurfing profile)
  10. Write a book. No excuses anymore in 2012 – the era of self-publishing has begun. Ebooks, Kindle books, iBooks, pubslish on demand. We can all be book publishers now.
  11. Write a personal mission statement.
  12. Learn. More. Every day. Like another language or HTML/CSS or sowing or blogging.
  13. Read. Every day. Read 52 books in year.
  14. Exercise regularly. Your body really needs it.
  15. Stop faking your life.
  16. Spend time alone.
  17. Save water. Save energy. Live sustainably.
  18. Do the thing you fear the most.
  19. Go on a naked or clothing optional retreat, or on a clothing optional bike ride.
  20. Set yourself an amount of money you need a year. Donate the rest.
  21. Shave off all your hair.
  22. Write a bucket list.
  23. Screw marriage. Before you even consider getting married, ask yourself: Why marriage? Also, look at divorce statistics.
  24. Travel. On a one-way ticket. Open-ended. (Screw Round-the-World tickets)
  25. Eat vegetarian.
  26. Get rid of your car. Walk. Cycle. Take public transport.
  27. Think a thought that makes you feel free.
  28. Count how many things you own. And then think about wether you really need all of it. Look up the definition of ‘need’ first.
  29. Read “We are all weird” by Seth Godin.
  30. Start a blog.
  31. Go scuba diving. (With me?)
  32. Quit your 9-5 job. Really? Giving eight hours a day away Monday to Friday? To someone else who makes money with your time? Don’t fucking do that.
  33. Write a list of all your dreams. No matter how crazy. Make one step today towards one of them today.
  34. Make a list of things you would take if you’re house caught on fire.
  35. Practice Inbox Zero.
  36. Do no check your email or Facebook first thing in the morning when you turn on your computer. Be productive or creative first.
  37. Be friendly even to people who are rude to you.
  38. Have an opinion. Have YOUR opinion.
  39. Stop caring about mistakes. And failures. And being right all the time.
  40. Every morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Am I happy?” If the answer is no, change something. Today.
  41. Learn how to build a fire.
  42. If you still want to keep applying to conventional jobs, use an unconventional resume.
  43. Stop wasting your time.
  44. When you find yourself wanting to purchase something, put the item on a 30-day waiting list. If you still want it after a month, give yourself permission to buy it. (Make conscious decisions as a consumer!)
  45. Care. About yourself. About other people. About the environment.
  46. Save the oceans and the fish.
  47. Think one thought a day about making this world a nicer and more sustainable place.
  48. Go to a demonstration that you believe in and take part. Make your voice heard.
  49. Next time you go vote, read every party’s manifest online and their promises. Make an intelligent decision about the cross you’re about to make.
  50. Go to a concert and dance and sing and sweat. Come home totally exhausted.
  51. Have sex outside of your bedroom. If possible even outside your home.
  52. Learn and/or practice a creative skill. Like knitting. Or photography. Or dance. Or writing. Or playing an instrument.
  53. Screw high heels. And cat videos. And stress and worries.
  54. Stop complaining.
  55. Drink good coffee only. Or learn what good coffee tastes like.
  56. Do something that changes the world.
  57. Quit smoking. I did it. So can you.
  58. Know why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  59. Read Good.
  60. Read Treehugger.
  61. Experiment. Try things. Measure. Good / No-Good? Untether if necessary. It’s ok to let go.
  62. Accept failure. Stand up and try again.
  63. Jump into life’s cold water. Over and over again. It starts to feel less cold after a while.
  64. Stop doing things you don’t want to do.
  65. Break rules. It feels good.
  66. Know what you want. Make plans on how to get there. Go.
  67. Stop fucking procrastinating. Seriously. 
  68. Give up your seat for old people on public transport.
  69. Screw excuses.
  70. Enjoy playing with kids.
  71. Enjoy being a kid. Who cares how old you are. It’s fun.
  72. Figure out what you’re passionate about. Hint: It’s inside of you. It exists.
  73. Speak up when you don’t like something or don’t agree.
  74. Show civil courage. Help others out.
  75. Don’t let others, your boss, your dad, the shopkeeper, the policeman get you down, be rude to you or treat you degrade you.
  76. Read New Escapologist.
  77. Read Raam Dev.
  78. Read mnmlist.
  79. Get on Google+. And get active. (I’ll be your friend!)
  80. Masturbate when you feel like it. Love yourself, love your body.
  81. Read Marx’s “Kapital“. Or at least abstracts of it.
  82. Say no to machismo.
  83. Don’t trust the media. Never ever trust the media.
  84. Eco-friendly and green and sustainable rocks.
  85. Do something that scares you. Like giving a speech. Or touching a spider. Or flying.
  86. Go sailing.
  87. Be totally unrealistic. Believe in the crazy, the unreasonable.
  88. Turn off your phone. For an evening. Or a day. Or a weekend. Or a week. Or a month. Or forever.
  89. Get naked. At home. Or in the sauna. Feel free, be free.
  90. Don’t buy anything for a day. A week. Forever.
  91. Question your sexual orientation. Experiment.
  92. Live in big world cities as well as by the beach, in the mountains, on an island and in the middle of nowhere.
  93. Stop talking so much about yourself. Listen.
  94. Lose any preconceptions you have about other cultures, countries and its people. Go and live there first.
  95. Travel simply.
  96. Listen to music. Real music. Not the Top40, man.
  97. Record yourself on camera. Rewind and watch yourself. What do you see?
  98. Read Vagabonding by Rolf Potts.
  99. Read Do the Work by Steven Pressfield. And if you still haven’t read The War of Art yet, sit down and do it now.
  100. Live a life of self-determination. It’s yours. Your only one.

This is how I try to live my life. Maybe some of these 100 points for work you as well. I would love that. Let me know if they do.

Anything you would like to add? Please share in the comments.


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6 Responses to There is No Life B: 100 Ways to Live Before You Die

  1. laurissa says:

    loved it! thanx so much :) made my day

  2. Tom Ewer says:

    Hey Conni,

    I LOVE the title of this post! I’m working on or have done quite a few of these, but there are certainly gaps to fill. This is something I can come back to when I need to remind myself of how life is always about furthering your boundaries and trying new things.



  3. Florence says:

    Love, love, love this post!!!! My only addition would be to learn how to climb trees, read the weather and grow your own food…

  4. daniel says:

    i love doing nmber a rule breaker!! hahaha. and also nmber 80!!

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  5. Tam says:

    Hi Conni!
    So inspiring. :) Really. Thanks!