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 Statement of Belief

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This is my statement of belief:

I believe in freedom and independence. Everyone should be free to do what makes him/her happy and feel fulfilled.
I believe in voluntary simplicity as the only way to live a meaningful and conscious life in order to limit the extent of hurting yourself, another person or the environment. I believe in sustainability and ecological ways of living. I believe in filling our lives with non-material matters. I believe in honesty and transparency and kindness and compassion.
I believe in creativity in all of us. We all carry a well of unique thoughts and ideas. All it takes is a way to channel it and let it come out.
I believe in self-realisation and self-determination as a way to create ourselves. We need to give ourselves the chance to become who we are. Without outside forces telling us what and how to do that.
I believe in the power of inspiration.
I believe in learning and the continuous expansion and training of the mind.
I believe in a life filled with pleasure and passion.
I believe in healthy minds and bodies that enjoy carrying us through lives.
I believe in travel to expand our horizons, as a way to develop as human beings and overcome prejudice.
I believe in the right to live an endless summer and never have to feel cold.

I believe in the freedom lifestyle as a way to embrace all other beliefs.

These are all values and beliefs I strive for. They guide me through the day. I think about them every day.

If you see an overlap of what I believe in with what you believe in, then you’re my kinda soul.

If you have more that fit into my outline above, please share in the comments!

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