[This post is part 25 of RESOUND 2011]

What or who surprised you?

I was surprised by how much I still loved writing.

During my teenage years, I wrote a lot. It was my way of dealing with problems and sadness. I decided to study Communication and Journalism at university, only to realise that my writing didn't resonate with my professors. The discouragements made me loose my love for writing.  I decided not to become a journalist and changed my academic focus in my master's degree. A few months ago, I rediscovered writing as I started creating content for my blog. Writing gives me so much joy and pleasure again, I'm really surprised how much I still love it. All it took was the right outlet and the right intentions, and trust in my words. I want to learn everything there is to learn about writing now and am looking into taking a writing course in the future. Thank you blogging for surprising me.


I was surprised by how many people are out there, who share my views on life.

The blogging world really made me realise that there is a movement happening. A movement of amazing people who want to live the way they want to. For a long time I thought I was fighting a losing battle, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I found a lot of comfort knowing that there is an army of people fighting the status quo.


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