[This post is part 5 of RESOUND 2011]

What did you struggle with?
I struggled with not being underwater. And instead having to sit in front of a computer 40 hours a week. {still struggling} I struggled with settling down for a year. {on/off struggle} I struggled going through my first cyclone (hurricane – category 5) in Australia. {survived struggle} I struggled with living in a big city (albeit an awesome big city) and living part of my life on public transport. {somewhat still struggling} I struggled with consumer-travelling and the idea of mainstream backpacking. {definitely still struggling. Trying to redefine travelling for me in the meantime} I struggled with living in Phuket, Thailand (mostly the state of the tourism industry there). {untethered from struggling} I struggled with having a proper grown-up job and the routine it gave me. {still struggling big time, but untethering end of January 2012} Recently, patience has been a massive struggle. {life-time struggle} 2012? Goodbye, struggles.

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