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1. What is A Life of Blue about?

  • This blog is about strategies for unconventional, simplistic and nomadic lifestyle designs. I want you to live the freedom lifestyle, and I’m going to teach you how!
  • You will get to read a lot about being a modern world nomad and awesome ways to live a conscious and sustainable life.


2. Who writes all this?

  • That’s me, Conni Biesalski. I’m originally from Germany, but have lived, worked, studied and travelled all around the work since the age of 15. Find out more about that here.
  • I’m an underwater digitalist.
  • Beyond being a lifelong nomad, I’m a travelling scuba dive instructor, location independent social media coach and online writer. 

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3. What should I read first?

Important question. Here are a few suggestions:

Also check out:


Quick Overview of Key Concepts:

∞ Freedom

∞ Unconventional Living

∞ World Travel

∞ Nomad / Vagabond

∞ Minimalism

∞ Lifestyle Design

∞ Critical Thinking

∞ Sustainability


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