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2 Responses to 8 Reasons to Subscribe to A Life of Blue

  1. JimKnopf says:

    Hi Conni,
    sure is good to be here.
    Guess I wanted some Input for life of my friends, but then I finally find it here.
    Time to change. Yes. Thanks a lot! I’m looking forward for your newsletters and find out which way is best for me. For my life and for myself as a human being.

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Connie,

    I’m in Highschool. An unconventional, anti-conformist. My dream is to live like you. As a backpacker. I just don’t know how I’m going to pull it off. I refuse to work in a cubicle for forty years then live in a retirement home for years and die. I want action. Adventure. Passion. Authenticism. But no one is in support. I ccan’t even study abroad for six months in high school as my parents think that that’s a stupid lifestyle. I have no idea how I’m going to pull something like this off. I’m just very different but m conformed to a life a normality. It’s depressing. I was hoping to learn how to do what you do, even though I’m always put down for it. I’m intelligent. I’m a dreamer. I’m just unique and intuitive. I have huge aspirations. But I just can’t pull off what I want. Thanks for this page. You’re literally a life saver!