Pushing Your Boundaries in 5 Questions

Know your limits, but never accept them.

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I hear, read and give the advice a lot that you shouldn’t do what makes you feel uncomfortable and that if you don’t feel like doing something, you should take the liberty to not do it.

On the one hand, that’s cool, I’m into that and I practice it in many aspects of life. Because wtf, I’m the boss of me and I get to decide what I want to do and how I want to spend my time. No need to put myself deliberately in situations that are difficult, stressful or make me feel uncomfortable. Right? 

The other 50% is this: If you never do anything uncomfortable or difficult or stressful, and always stay well within your boundaries, you won’t evolve or develop as a human being. If you keep doing all the nice and easy and familiar things, all you will be is: the same. Until the end of time. You won’t grow. Your soul will get bored from just living. Your body gets tired of just being. Your mind will start shutting down, deprived of sensual stimulation. Eventually, you will die. Another useless life.

Have you ever pushed your boundaries? So hard that it hurt?
Have you tested them out to see how far you can go with yourself?
Have you ever challenged your body, your mind, your heart?
Do you know your limits?
If so, do you also know why they exist? Because you say so, because other people do, or because of your experiences?

Your boundaries. They are there to be tested and stretched and pushed and broken.

Don’t ignore them. Don’t accept them. Use them.


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