[This post is part 19 of RESOUND 2011]

What were your top three priorities in 2011? Are they likely to shift in 2012?

  1. My partner.
  2. Getting up every morning Monday to Friday to go to work.
  3. Reading.


#1 will shift temporarily as my partner and I are going to separate geographically for several months (end of April '12 – max. September '12 / depending on how we go with the separation we might reunite earlier).

#2 definitely has to shift and fortunately will, as I am leaving my last conventional job end of January.

#3 should improve more .I read every day – on the train commuting, in bed before sleeping… 99% of the time you will catch me with a book in my bag. However, I would like to increase the quantity of books I read even more to one book a week. That would equal 52 in 2012.


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