One Year, Two Lives: 12 Months in a Nutshell

Photography by Goodyn Green. Writing by Conni Biesalski 
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Today a year ago, I purchased the domain

So much has happened since then, it’s quite mind-blowing.

After registering the domain, it took me another couple months to make the launch of the blog happen. In the meantime, I was learning how to set up a WordPress site, how to write blogposts that people actually want to read and I was reading other people’s blogs like crazy.

Back then I was highly unhappy in my job that I had just started a few months before, my first adult-job so to speak. I was trying to find a way to break out of the 9-5 and never have to go back again. I was trying to figure out what I really wanted, what my passions were and how to make a living off them.

I sat down and mapped out my perfect day. I figured out my passions and started designing the lifestyle I wanted to have.

In January this year, after eight months, I left my job and went freelance. I now do social media management, online PR and translations. I have become a digital nomad, who works from anywhere. My office is a MacBook Air 11”, an iPhone 4 and a notebook.

End of April, after 11 months of living in Berlin with my then partner, I left for Indonesia. I wanted to work one more high season as a scuba dive instructor on Gili Trawangan off of Bali. To get it out of my system and then move back to Australia with my then girlfriend, who was from there, right about now.

Upon arrival, I launched my new travel blog project for backpackers and world travelers, Planet Backpack.

Three weeks after I had taken off to Indo, my partner left me.

I came back to Germany with a broken heart, broken plans and a broken life.
I, myself, was broken.

I have never been this lost in my life. There was no solid ground, no guidance for me. I felt like I was falling and falling and falling…

In a desperate attempt to get back on track and distract me, I went on a trip to Thailand. Only to return early six weeks later, just as devastated as I was before. I hated Thailand. Its beaches, its beauty…everything was ugly. My life was ugly.
The perfect day I mapped out last year? I actually lived it. I lived my perfect day and hated it.

The only good thing about Thailand for me at that time? I started to get into meditation. And I started to connect with myself, my life, my pains and my issues.

After couchsurfing on many couches, I came back to Berlin in August to stay for a few months. I needed to sort myself out, be in one place for a while and give myself a chance to find new direction, a new perspective in life. Above all, I needed friends.

I started Yoga again, I now meditate almost daily. I have opened up to myself and am letting go of the life I wasn’t meant to have. I’m living my own again.

I found a room in a shared apartment for a couple months. I bought an old purple bike.

My room only has a small mattress, a little cupboard for my books (of which I own five at the moment) and one for my clothes, and a couch. There is one lamp too.
My stuff still all fits into a bag.
It is all very bare and minimalistic. It felt weird in the beginning. I felt strange in my new life in the city I had just spent a year. Nothing was familiar anymore.

I spend a lot of time in co-working spaces these days.
I love the creative and enthusiastic energy there and I enjoy having people around who stare at their laptops too. I think I enjoy networking, the word doesn’t give me goosebumps anymore.

I have been meeting some lovely people and I loooove making new friends.

Berlin keeps me busy. (Maybe a bit too much?) Autumn is coming. A sign for me to get out soon and put my nomadic shoes back on?

Life is moving on. My heart is healing.

I live, I party, I laugh.

I am making plans again. It makes me happy.

The rollercoaster ride…it seems to be slowing down.

Today, a year ago, on September 21st 2011, I had no idea what my life would look like today, on September 21st 2012, and everything that would happen in between.

One year, two lives.

I wonder where I’ll be next year, on September 21 2013.


And then, two weeks ago, I booked a flight to Perth, Australia.

I am leaving on October 29th.

I don’t know when I’ll be back.

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