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What did you learn in 2011?
Wow, this year has been very learning-intensive. Brilliant. I hope it never stops.
In terms of professional skills, I learned a lot about Public Relations and Social Media Management in my current job.
I self-taught myself how to use WordPress and everything blogging, including blog writing ( and using headlines), website design, online marketing, copywriting, branding, connecting with other bloggers, self-organisation and productivity.
Above all, I learned a lot about myself:
I learned..
  1. about what I don’t like doing.
  2. about what I don’t need and what I can happily untether from.
  3. that owning only a few things makes me incredibly happy and my life so much more valuable and simpler.
  4. how norms and conventions work and how to live a better life without them.
  5. how to stand up for me, my needs, my dreams, my passions and my desires.
I can’t wait to learn more in 2012.
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