How Bad Do You Want to Live a Fulfilling, Kick-Ass & Unconventional Life?

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So, my friend, how bad is it?

Is it starting to get painful?

If yes: Good. You may read on.

 Any idea what you want your future, your life to look like?

I’m talking the proper stuff. Not the realistic dreamers’ what’s-possibly-possible crap.

If your life could be anything you wanted it to be, what would it be right now? Forget the money and costs. Think the impossible, the crazy, the stuff that’s buried deep down in your heart and soul. The stuff that you’ve been covering up with the realistic stuff.


Where would you live? Which country, island or city? House, apartment or bungalow?

Who would your friends be? What sort of people would you like to hang out with? Where would you hang, talking about what?

How would you spend your time if you could be doing anything you wanted?

What do you look like? What clothes do you wear? What books do you read? What food do you eat?

What do you work? Do you work at all? If you don’t work, what else do you do?

What do you want to learn? What knowledge do you want to gain? What do you want to be?

What else would be part of your perfect lifestyle?


Remember that with all these questions everything is possible. So start with the impossible.

If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

If a doctor gave you five years to live, what would you try to accomplish?


Life is unnecessarily stressful and too much effort is wasted living unfulfilling lives.

I beg you: Don’t follow the masses. Make life easy and do what you love, be who you are and kick conformity’s ass.


Please share some of your ideas and answers to the questions above in the comments below!


Next week, I’ll be posting my own responses :)



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4 Responses to How Bad Do You Want to Live a Fulfilling, Kick-Ass & Unconventional Life?

  1. Conni… If I was to answer all the questions you give about I would be writing the book I need to write! So I just respond to one overarching question of yours.
    which I believe to be seminal to all the rest…


    Because we allow ourselves to become creatures of habit. Habit provides us with the illusion of security. There is actually no such thing as security but we imagine there is when we live in a recapitulated past – where repitition becomes our drug – instead of living for the changeable present and inestimably wonderful future.

    One problem is the way that the prevailing culture is based on our enslavement to elements of living which profit the elite and leave us as serfs and swaddies locked into a meaningless life which we imagine we cannot cast off. It only takes one little movement outside the box to show us the possible (if we are fearless enough to follow it.

    More to follow… ;-)

    • Conni says:

      Thank you so much for your input, Alan!
      I agree, often times, one little movement outside the box can make all the difference.
      It still saddens me to think how many people waste their lives and are unhappy doing so.

  2. That’s why I launched Enso Journey, because I was tired of my so called good job, because the “truth” I had been told was not enough.

    Changing and going for what you love is not easy, but that is the beauty. it takes effort and it feels awesome each time to accomplish something, no matter how small.

    I’m loving how you are making this place grow Conni! :)

    • Conni says:

      And I’m glad you took that step, Alejandro!
      I still don’t understand why it has to be so hard to do what we love. Why is it easier to do things and jobs we don’t like, that don’t make us happy, that don’t fulfil us? It’s such a paradox. It’s insane really…