Introducing the Freedom Series: Secrets of a Lifestyle

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.  ~Moshe Dayan

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What makes you feel free? 

How do you define freedom?

Most probably, you and me and the person next door all come up with different ways to explain the same word. Freedom can be perceived in millions of ways. No universal definition can tell anyone what it means to feel free.

The only question you need to ask yourself, is:

What does freedom mean to you, in your life?

Sit down and think about that for a minute. At best, write it down.


Introducing the Freedom Mini-Series

When I started writing on this post and the subject of freedom and how the concept incorporates into the lifestyle I live and advocate, I realised that I have a lot to say about it. Freedom literally means the world to me. 

Instead of packing everything into one big blogpost and annoy you with thousands of words to digest at once, I decided to turn this into a little mini-series: The Freedom Series.

WIthin the Freedom Lifestyle, I see four different strands of freedom that enable that way of living, and that, in my opinion, make life worthwhile – no, actually they make life pretty fucking awesome:

  • Time Freedom
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom from Possessions
  • Freedom of Actions

Each post in the mini-series will focus on each of these freedoms. So stay tuned in the next couple of weeks, they might rock your world. {Don’t forget to sign up to The Blue Letter for automatic updates and exclusive content from me}


Taking Freedom for Granted

For the most part, freedom becomes an issue when you don’t have it. It’s easy to take it for granted, if you’ve never lost it. And while I write this from a purely spoilt western perspective, I realise that we are extremely fortunate. 

But with so much freedom on our hands in comparison to many less fortunate people around the world – what are you actually doing with it?

Perceptions of freedom vary greatly. Many things that make many people happy (for example: owning a big house which frees them from paying rent to someone else), make me feel restricted in my personal freedom (I prefer rent and the shortest lease contracts possible).

Most people want security in this world, not liberty.  ~H.L. Mencken, Minority Report, 1956

If you find yourself intimidated by too much freedom, ask yourself Why? Why? Why?
Why do you need security? What are you trying to compensate with it?
(By the way, always ask why. Always. It’s good for you.) 

Instead of security I long for ultimate freedom. I have given up several lives in the past. Was it scary? Sometimes. But just the freedom to leave everything behind is, to me, priceless. But hey, it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. {I wish it would be though.}


Freedom as the Ability to Chose… Or is it?

One facett of freedom we probably all might agree on, is that freedom is the ability to chose. 

For example, for me, freedom is the ability to chose to say NO to long-term commitments with regard to jobs, living arrangement contracts, or any promises that yield into the far future.

So if freedom means that we can chose, and if we think that we live in free societies, then why oh why does society tell us that for most things there is only one way to do them??? (e.g. referring to education, career, relationships, office jobs, fashion etc. The list goes on infinitely.)

Are you living a script or are you writing your own script? 

I believe that freedom also means trying out a variety of ways to live life. You too, can go out and see how different ways work out for you.

Are you doing it?

We don’t just need political revolutions. We need revolutions in society that radically reject the way we are told to live. It is all so one-dimensional. 

We talk about things like freedom of speech, but what about freedom of life?

Anti-Freedom Revolution

Yet, freedom itself is not enough. All the freedom in the world won’t make you use it for the better.

You don’t need approval from the outside to free yourself. Only you yourself need to give yourself permission.

So with all the freedom I grant myself and give myself permission to use, all I really want to do, is to go out and pursue every dream I have.

Wanna join?

{See you in Part 1 of the Freedom Series} 


In Peace, Love and Freedom,



P.S. I also chose and believe in freedom from religion, from the media, from sickness and, last but by far not least, freedom of sexuality. However, these are reserved for another mini-series ;)


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