[This post is part 16 of RESOUND 2011]

What was one remarkable night out in 2011?

Berghain, Berlin. Sometime in August or September.

It actually wasn’t a night out, but a Sunday afternoon out. (Yes, it’s one of those clubs…)

After a champagne breakfast with friends, we had a crazy awesome unconventional time in THE club in Berlin. I can’t tell you what went on there, as it might not be for everyone. You have to come check it out yourself.

“Berghain is what Berlin is all about: a brilliantly insane club of clubs for the all-out hardcore, take-no-prisoner party animals. (…) This massive industrial-style warehouse embodies the city wide spirit of hedonism.” (berlin.unlike)


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2 Responses to Hedonism.

  1. Eva says:

    ahhh, berghain! best choice for an unforgettable night, morning and afternoon ;) hope we get the chance to hang out there before you leave berlin!!! all the best and greetings from sbg, conni…