[This post is part 26 of RESOUND 2011]

Who or what touched your heart?

My answer to this one doesn’t come naturally. Is that a bad sign?

I connect this question with moments of sadness and tears. So here we go:

  • Some of the fights I had with my partner touched my heart.
  • The poverty and the children in Laos touched my heart.
  • The book & movie ‘One Day’ touched my heart.
  • Sitting in the church at my uncle’s funeral and standing in front of his open grave touched my heart.
  • Seeing so many homeless people and alcoholics in Berlin touches my heart on a daily basis.
  • Wars and natural disasters taking innocent people’s lives around the world touched my heart.
This question makes me realise that I should write a diary. Actually, I’m planning on doing monthly reviews starting 2012.


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