The Freedom Revolution: Liberate Yourself from Location, Consumerism, Work and Conventions

Who speaks of liberty while the human mind is in chains?  ~Francis Wright

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(This is the second part regarding changes at A Life of Blue. Next week, the third and last post in this little spontaneous series will connect all the dots.)


Essentially, A Life of Blue is about freedom and how to achieve it.

Freedom through simple living, world travel and passionate ways to make a living.

Freedom from the status quo, from conventions and conformity.

I strongly believe that we can achieve freedom by liberating ourselves from location, consumerism, income streams, and conventions

We have so many possibilities today, in 2012, and if we lay our hearts and souls on it, we can do anything. But we have to break free of the chains that hold us in situations, in lives, in jobs, in expectations, in countries, we don’t want to be in and that don’t make us truly happy.

But one thing is worse: When we think these are places we belong, because we’re trying, consciously or unconsciously, to conform to the status quo.

Deep down, freedom and the means to achieve it, is what I’m fighting for. It’s what I’ve been doing for myself what feels like my whole life. It’s what waters my eyes when I think about it, because it means the world to me.


Everyday I have to achieve and negotiate freedom again.

I do this by:

  1. Living simply and owning little (less than 200 things). 
  2. Having a vagabond’s mindset.
  3. Standing up for my opinions and beliefs.
  4. Seeing through consumerism, marketing, and strategies of exploitation.
  5. Passing by the media gatekeepers through conscious blogging.
  6. Doing the things I love.


My last step is to gain independence from the way I make a living. I’m breaking forever free of the chains of conventional employment in 27 days in order to turn into a true digital and underwater vagabond.


Happy New Year to you all. Welcome to the next awesome twelve months.

Thanks for being part of this freedom revolution.


What does freedom mean to you? Do you have to negotiate it frequently like me? If so, how? Let’s chat about it on Google+!


[More on how all this relates to changes next week, don’t miss!]  


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