Free E-Book: The Art of Being a World Nomad

It is here. My very first ebook. 

(Join the guys up there and light some fireworks please!)

58 pages of World Nomad awesomeness.

And the best thing: I am giving it away for free!

Sign up on the right or click here to receive your copy of The Art of Being a World Nomad.

I’m also working on a premium ebook, which is going to be amazing, I’m really excited about it. And a free email course is also in the making. Seriously, stay tuned, it’s all going to be brilliant.

For now, enjoy “The Art of Being a World Nomad” and learn how to live, work and travel around the world, forever (I’m so not kidding).

Here are the contents: 

  1. The Fundamentals: Advice for Aspiring World Nomads
  2. How to Travel on a Budget (Properly)
  3. Advanced World Nomadism: Work to Travel, Travel to Work
  4. Digital Nomadism: Work From Anywhere
  5. Online Basics for World Nomads: Wherever You Go, Take This
  6. Rockstar Packing Advice: How Not to Be a Beginner

This world is made for sharing, guys. So share this post and the ebook and let everyone else know! I will be forever grateful.

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