[This post is part 13 of RESOUND 2011]


What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2012? How will go about eliminating them?

  1. A conventional full-time job. {>> Already quit and am leaving end of January.}
  2. City life. {>> Leaving Berlin April/May ’12.}
  3. Daily commuting. {>> see 1.}
  4. Negative people. {>> Untethering as I type.}
  5. Bad days. {>> Living my passions every day. Do Yoga. Help and support people. Do good and things that matter.}
  6. Cold temperatures. {>> Leaving Winter behind forever in April/May ’12. No more of that. Too painful for my body and mind.}
  7. More than a carry on-backpack and my dive gear. {>> I don’t have a choice really.}
  8. Worries. {>> Writing every day. More Yoga and Meditation.}
  9. Not enough time. {>> Leaving current job. Optimised workflow. Improve productivity. Memorise ‘Do the Work’ by Stephen Pressfield}
  10. Germany. {>> One-way ticket.}
  11. Christmas. {>> Will be in a country where Christianity is not the predominant religion.}


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