[This post is part 14 of RESOUND 2011]

What was the wisest and dumbest decision you made this year? How did it play out?

This is probably one of the hardest questions so far. (Try it out yourself, it's challenging)

But there is no backing out. So let's go.


The wisest decision (which I thought was the dumbest for quite some time): 

Coming back to Germany for a year. 

I really had no idea how this move would play out, and after the honeymoon phase was over, it looked like I had made one of the worst decisions ever. However, now in retrospective, with how things have developed (me starting this blog and solopreneur project), I needed the shit times to learn. I could never be at this awesome point at which I am now if it wasn't for the decision to return and experiment with grown-up employment. I am now so much wiser than I was before. No more regrets there.


The dumbest decision:

I just thought about this one for a long time and I'm afraid I can't answer it. Not because I think I never make dumb decisions, but because even if they are, I don't want to look at them as such. That would mean regret, and by now, you should know what I think about regrets.

Let's try anyway…

Hm………… (Real-time thinking) ……..Ok, here we go.

It was a bit dumb to move into our current apartment actually. It is over our budget and despite it being a two-room apartment, we cannot rent out one of them out as they are walk-through rooms. But it's a sweet place and we love it and the location. So I'd say semi-dumb.


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