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What went really well in 2011?

So I'm wondering, as I'm trying to answer this prompt, what this question actually implies. 

What does it mean when something went really well? When do I consider something to have gone really well?

Is it just me, or do you find this question a bit confusing? Try it out and see for yourself. That's what I'm gonna do now – just giving it a go and see what comes out.


Finding a job in Berlin upon return to Germany.

Everyone said it would take ages, especially because the unemployment rate in Berlin is relatively high (12,2 % compared to 6,4% average in Germany). I think it only took me a few weeks and a couple of interviews until I landed a job in PR and Social Media at a small company. (Consider my flaky resume and crazy travel history.. so go figure. Screw all warnings!!)


Moving to Berlin.

Berlin is probably my favorite city in the whole of Europe (and definitely not because it's German!) and I always said I would live here for a limited amount of time (I'm not a big city girl, so I knew it could only be limited – otherwise I get concrete fever). It all worked out fine: got a job and got a rad apartment in a rad area. I'm still enjoying life here despite my constant crazy itchy feet (serious case of permanent travel bug). This city makes me feel so comfortable and I can be me or whatever I want more than I was ever able anywhere else. I'm so happy for the experience and I will miss it dearly when I leave in April. But hey, that's the life of a vagabond!


Quitting two jobs.

Yepp, two. My current one just a few weeks ago and my dive instructor job at a shitty company in Cairns. I'm getting pretty good at this – which is worth nothing now, as I promised to never take up conventional employment again. Bummer.


Figuring out what I really (I mean, really) want to do with my life.

Once I removed the artificial barriers that limit the way I perceived my dreams and passions and started taking them seriously, I was good to go. I figured it out and it feels amazing. That part of my life went really well I have to say. Time to put it all into action in 2012 – can't wait!


Deciding to start A Life of Blue.

I love my blog. I love writing. I love creating. I love putting it all together. Blogging makes me happy. It really does, man!

It also led me to connect with a lot of awesome, inspiring and unconventional people. I mean, wow!

Ever since my launch, I've received quite some emails by people who enjoy what I write and tell me how they are inspired by what I do. How much more of a compliment could you want?? I'm over the moon to say the least. 

Seriously, guys, go out there and start a blog. As mundane as that sounds, it might just rock your world (and some other people's!).


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2 Responses to Awesomeness.

  1. Beres says:

    A few days ago I found myself reflecting and writing down all the amazing things that have happened to me and for me this year, and it was such a valuable experience for me. It has helped me put things into perpsective and realise not only how blessed I am with all the opportunities and crazy things that have come up this year, but also that I need not have worried a lot of the time about what I was doing, or other things that I just couldnt control. And now I look forward to 2012, when I will follow a very similar path to you, and move to Berlin, begin writing, forge further skills in music production, and just generally live a little lighter. I cant wait! Hopefully I’ll see you there! :)