Welcome to A LIFE OF BLUE

I believe in unlimited freedom to do what we want to do and be who we want to be. 

A Life of Blue is a digital safe haven of strategies and solutions for unconventional and nomadic lifestyle designs that ignore rules and challenge the status quo – for ultimate freedom.

Live unconventionally.
Travel extensively. 
Work passionately. 

I want you to live the freedom lifestyle that I’m living, and I’ll teach you how.

  • Travel the world and live a nomadic freedom lifestyle with life-altering experiences.
  • Unclutter your life to make room for what matters – rock out to voluntary simplicity!
  • Realise social conventions, ridiculous rules and pressures to conform – and challenge them.
  • Take risks so you can do the things you love.


All in all, I started this blog with the intent to convey the following messages:

1. You don’t have to conform.

2. If you are still wondering: It’s okay to be different from the masses and do unconventional things.

3. What you want to do and what you have to do hardly ever match. We can unbrainwash ourselves, overcome the Resistance and live our dreams and passions.

4. You can live and work anywhere.

5. You are not alone.




I don’t like hypothetical BS very much.
Experience is where it’s at.

Here is mine:

  • I started to screw conformity at the age of 15.
  • I have been a world nomad since then (that’s almost 40% of my life). I have been to 40 countries and lived in seven of them.
  • I enjoy a minimalist lifestyle. I have moved so many times in my life, I hardly own anything anymore.
  • I don’t need much money and am not a big fan of consumerism.
  • I relentlessly follow my dreams and make them happen.


I can only pass on valuable information to you that stems from my own experience. I have done quite a bit of testing in the last 28 years, and those are the things I talk about here.

The only way to produce content that inspires people, changes lives, creates awesome and useful value, and blows people away is by talking from experience. I have to live the change I want to make in the world, or else, die trying. I’m not perfect, but I am putting a lot of effort and energy into leading a meaningful lifestyle. For this, I frequently pause and look at my life and the things I do. I then ask myself the question: Am I happy? Am I contributing to other people’s life? If the answer is no, I start making changes.

Of course there are exceptions to my personal rules, but the basis of my believes is what matters.


Who is Conni?


I believe in the evolution of personality. We never stand still.

I have lived, worked, studied and travelled all around the world since the age of 15.
Find out more about my nomadic existence and my personal timeline here!

At this point in my life, I am in my late twenties, taking a one year break from travelling and paradise to be closer to friends and family. I entertained myself working for a small Public Relations & Social Media Management company in Berlin from June 2011 until January 2012.

I am now a full-time nomadic solopreneur. My office is my laptop! I freelance in the areas of Public Relations, Social Media as well as WordPress Design and Online Branding. I am also working on my career as a writer and am building a muse business on the side.

I will leave again for the wide open world in April 2012. Destination Indonesia and the fish.

I am also a Scuba Dive Instructor, and have worked under water among the fish in Indonesia and Australia. It’s my personal dream job. I’m into Marine Conservation and everything ocean: Living at, by and on it.

I’m a minimalist. I do Yoga. I’m interested in Buddha’s ideas. I’ve been a vegetarian since birth. I want to change the world and save the oceans.

Sustainability is the north on my compass. However, I also believe that totaliarism and extremism are not conducive to my multi-potentialite nature – meaning: I have ideals and cherish values, but they change and adapt to my circumstances. My brain is also a bit ADD.

Learn more about me and also my professional background on connibiesalski.com


I’m glad you’re here.

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Your friend for everything unconventional,

P.S. This website is un-copyrighted. Why? I couldn’t say it better than Markus Urban from Living on Impulse. (Don’t worry, I’ll come up with my own version soon)